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                                                         Keshia Robinson has been able to establish herself as a successful hair stylist and                                                                       cosmetology educator for over the last 19 years. Keshia Is on the path toward a career                                                             in beauty with a bright future ahead when she decided to pursue her true calling. After                                                             receiving her bachelor’s degree from Voorhees College and her Cosmetology Diploma                                                           from Kenneth Shuler School of cosmetology she pursued and secured a position at                                                                 Perfection Hair Studio, and Denmark Technical college where she was the owner and                                                             operator and lead cosmetology Instructor for ten years. After teaching at Denmark                                                                 technical college for ten years she accepted a position at the Barnwell County Career As a cosmetology instructor. where she taught for eight years.

Keshia quickly became one of the most In demand hairstylist and educators in South Carolina and the loyalty from her clientele has kept her returning thus Launching her New Hair Salon R Grandz Hair Salon and Spa located 18651 Heritage Hwy Denmark South Carolina.

Today she credits her wide -ranging knowledge and education as the key to her success. Her analytical skills, innate creativity, and focus on the customer experience consistently result in thoughtfully crafted and flattering haircuts perfectly tailored to her clients. Her skills in complicated haircoloring techniques far exceed the stellar experience and she holds a wide range of styling techniques.

Keshia prides herself on her ability to draw inspiration from pushing herself to limit and thinking outside the box to fit the individual needs of each one of her clients. Her distinctive edge and immense talent lead her back to styling hair and serving the community full time at R Grandz Hair Salon.

Keshia Robinson Master Stylist, Genius, Smart, Savvy, Business Minded , Goal Oriented, Trendy, Fashionable, Educated, Get the job done, Classy Grandz

 I am here to help you recreate your vision or to help you finally find the style that is just unapologetically your own so click the booking above and lets start this exciting journey.



We pledge to provide a safe and welcoming space for all, where clients can relax unwind and escape. We are devoted to staying on top of the latest beauty trends and techniques to provide clients with innovate high quality services that carter to every budget.

Hair Salon


To provide creative moments by enhancing the beauty of clients, with style, grace, and professionalism so that the enter beauty can be discovered as we deliver excellence through stellar customer service.

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